What is a Movie Namedrop?

A Movie Namedrop is when a movie references its own name.  Not all movies have them, but if you’re into fine details of movies like I am, you’ll soon start to pick up on a namedrop.

This website catalogs the first namedrop in a movie (if it has one).  Now, there are some rules to what constitutes a namedrop:

1) Title sequences do not count

2) Theme songs played during the credits do not count

3) For a namedrop to count, the entire movie name must be said/sung or shown in one instance

Some exceptions exist such as:

Words such as thea, an, etc. don’t need to be said if the movie name leads with it.

A series of films like Rocky I-VI: Rocky just needs to be said, not the movie #

Movies with taglines (usually following a : ) Under Seige 2: Dark Territory (only Dark Territory needs to be said)

The namedrop can be given by any number of characters or objects in a movie.  In A View to a Kill, Max Zorin and Mayday give the namedrop across a conversation:

Mayday: “What a view…”
Max Zorin: “…to a kill!”

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